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Caroline Sunshine


Caroline Sunshine

    Talented, smart, energetic and a very quick wit are just a few words to describe fourteen year old newcomer Caroline Sunshine.  Caroline will be making her big screen debut co-lead as “Barbara” in 20th Century Fox’s live action motion picture Marmaduke, which stars Owen Wilson as the voice of Marmaduke, William H, Macy, Emma Stone and George Lopez among others. The film is directed by Tom Dey (Failure to Launch) and tells the story of a suburban family, The Winslow’s, who move to a new neighborhood and city with their large yet lovable Great Dane, who has a tendency to wreak havoc in his own oblivious way.  The film is based on the famous comic book series and will be released June 4, 2010.In the movie, Caroline plays “Barbara Winslow” a fun, popular, smart, pretty teen whose life is turned upside down with her father gets a job in Orange County, California and the family has to relocate.  In addition, Caroline was recently cast in CBS pilot “Team Spitz,” in the lead role of “Lizzie.”  The show is about a passionate, uncompromising high school football coach Jeff Spitz (Rob Riggle) who has just gotten fired from his last school for punching a parent in the mouth, and is now ensconced in the upscale private school Westminster Prep. Divorced, with three girls (including daughter LIZZIE, who's a student at Westminster), Spitz finds that his usual m.o. may not work for a group of kids whose parents regard their offspring’s' self esteem as a fragile and tender thing.

    The real little Miss Sunshine was born in Atlanta but raised in Orange County, California. From the time she could talk, Caroline knew she wanted to perform.  At the age of three that she enrolled in ballet and at her first recital  she discovered her love for being on stage!  Caroline eventually started acting and began performing in local community theater. She begged her parents to find her an agent, so she could pursue her dream.  Her parents had always been supportive but, her mom, was concerned about the difficulties of being a child actor and told Caroline to wait until she was done with high school before trying her hand at acting.  Eventually Caroline’s persistence won out and her parents could no longer deny her passion for the craft that continued to grow and secured representation.  She immediately landed her first job in a commercial for the Amazing Allison doll line.  It was stepping on this set that really sealed the deal for her.  Caroline loved the excitement she felt on the set and she knew that she had found her life’s calling.

    However passionate about acting, Caroline has been raised with a strong sense of family and moral values.  She never misses cheering on her brothers at any of their sporting events or school activities and she has a wide array of hobbies that include dancing (all types), yoga, debate, writing, drawing, singing, watching old movies, surfing, and crazy baking from Paula Dean cookbooks, etc.  Another great passion of Caroline’s is philanthropic work.  She believes you are never too young to give back to your community and to those less fortunate.  She is currently involved in The National Charity League where she serves on different philanthropies in her community. Some of her favorites in this group include the Joyful Sewing Organization that makes blankets for cancer patients, Working Wardrobes, which gives underprivileged women and victims of domestic abuse confidence and teaches them courses in how to properly interview for a job. More importantly, it teaches them how to be self-sufficient and gives them their confidence back.  She also loves the adoptahero.org program that provide for the needs of soldiers and their families and the Loves and Fishes Ministry that helps feed the homeless.

    Caroline currently resides in Orange County.


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